Inspired by trees

What a wonderful site. I’d love to share some of my art with you, based on trees.

“Flaming Trees” is done in pastel over watercolor, and is about 34″ x 28″.

The print is done with acrylic paint, using a leaf as the printmaking vehicle. It has two panels. The overall size is 18″ x 14″. The title is “Fall Leaves”.

“River in Fall” is done with Conte pencils. The size is 14″ x 11″. The scene is from a place in New Jersey, and I liked the fall-colored trees, reflected on the water. I thought Conte pencils would give just the right amount of softness to the scene.

“Trees” is done with poured acrylic paint on watercolor paper. The size is 28″ x 36″. It’s one of my favorites. I thinned out each of the three primary colors, using water only, and began pouring, twisting the paper as each color was added.

I’m always photographing trees, also. The last image is from a series of photos I took of my neighbor’s tree. Couldn’t resist that white bark against the deep blue sky, with the few remaining leaves attached to the branches, so I ran inside and grabbed my camera.


Treena Rowan

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With a recent visit to Calgary, I was given these beautiful paper rounds to include in the Treewhispers project. I always feel so lucky to hear the stories behind the art and wanted to include this note with the paper rounds as reference and inspiration for others.

Hi Pam,
These are the three paper rounds I brought on the weekend. The paper for these was made in a BVCG (Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild) gathering with supplies provided by Annette Wichmann. Annette blended a mountain of old envelopes and other paper bits and we had a lot of fun with instruction from both Annette and Greta Baack.

I coated my hand made paper with clear gesso and then used alcohol inks (copic marker refills) and rubbing alcohol to make a floral or cactus like image. I scraped into it for some texture. I then added black for a  Zentangle stained glass effect with sumi ink and a small nib (a vintage Esterbrook)
Thea Lynn Paul




Thea Lynn Paul

Thea Lynn Paul



Photo by Pamela Paulsrud


IMG_0231Artwork contributed by Mary Lou Sherman, New Albany, IN

Shawn Lee Whitney1 Shawn Lee Whitney2 Shawn Lee Whitney3 Shawn Lee Whitney4

Photos shared by Shawn Lee Whitney who states, “The first few (photos) were taken in south Florida, USA and the bottom one with the mountains as a backdrop was taken in Franconia Notch State Park in New Hampshire, USA”. 

Tree at St. Kitts

Jo Ann's Photo


Jo Ann Bunosky Buzulencia kindly sent this incredible photo with a note:” Tree from recent trip to St. Kitts…tour guide said it was over 400 years old (not sure what kind of tree it is).”
Thanks Jo Ann!

Fall, fallen…

IMG_0096Photo by Pamela Paulsrud


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