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This has been an especially sad year for our trees here in Mapleton. A freak tornado in early April destroyed or mutilated many of our beautiful trees. Summer growth hid a lot of the scars, but stumps remain to remind us of the lost ones. A new spring will bring new plantings and life will renew itself, but the loss of even one tree is sad.

Contributed by Jean Powell, Mapleton, IA

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Tree stories

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Stories untold

Photo by Pamela Paulsrud

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Sharing tree shade…

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Handmade paper made with Abaca, Eucalyptus, Yellow Pages,
cotton thread, pencil, Asian chops.

Contributed by Ania Gilmore & Annie Zeybekoglu
Boston, MA 2011

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mighty invictus

Contributed by Jane Ewing

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Cheers from Scotland


Spent this cool, sunny day at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh–as you may know it is a favorite spot of mine.  So thankful to Mother Earth for providing such beauty…attached some of my favorite shots. I missed the peak colors but loved walking thru the leaves as well as finding some still hanging on…not quite ready to let go…

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Photos and text by Cathy Loffredo

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Haiku Garden Tales

don’t move
get to know intimately
this one spot on earth

creek water
woven within paper
tree whispers

water carves
the living mantle of soil
silver salmon run

created by light
chalice of a poppy
a small planet

is it true
the garden fashions
the gardener

the flower
gives fertile seeds –
its descendants

By Giselle Maya, first published in the book ‘Garden Mandala’, Koyama Press, France 2011



the opening
of a single flower
may touch a distant planet

outer limits
a ladybug ascending
dew-covered grass

clouds move
behind oak boughs
unveiling a star

ancient oak
on curved limbs
a shawl of moss

By Giselle Maya, first published in the book ‘Garden Mandala’, Koyama Press, France 2011

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