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Debby Davis is a third grade classroom teacher at the University of Chicago Laboratory School. She recently shared the Treewhispers project with her third graders. Here’s her story:

I like to include art projects that work well with the other things we are studying in class—like writing and geography. I decided to introduce the Treewhispers project. After introducing the elements of the project I pulled up the  Treewhispers website and the students looked at the images of the paper forest. The kids really thought they were lovely.

I told the students that they would have the opportunity to record a tree memory on a paper round and that I wanted them to think about their experiences with trees. Their homework was to decide on which tree memory they wanted to share on their round so that when they worked on it in class they would already have an idea in mind.

The students spent about forty-five minutes of class time creating the rounds. I told them they could trace their round on scrap paper if they wanted to try out an idea first. Then I opened the cupboard and gave them access to sharpies, watercolors, markers and colored pencils—photographing their progress as well as each child’s finished product.

Below is their work in  progress. Stay tuned for finished work.

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Hi Pamela,

I will be mailing my Treewhispers submission tomorrow, but I will email you the image here. My story is simple, reflected in the quote by Shakespeare which I wrote on the handmade paper. (Kitchen sink variety.) I’m so glad you asked Reggie to send the request out to his former students. This is the first calligraphy I’ve done for many years and because of this experience have decided to “go back to my roots” and write again.

My tree story.
Living on the central Oregon Coast in the Pacific Northwest affords great opportunity for walking in the woods among huge old growth trees. I marvel at their beauty and feel a presence even from the giant stumps left over from logging a century ago. I walk with my dog several times a week on secluded forest trails behind my house. It’s quiet in the solitude save for the voices of the trees who seem to speak volumes.

Christie Burns
Christie Burns Treewhispers IMG_7317
Handmade paper with Douglas Fir needle inclusions, walnut ink, gouache, and gold foil dots. (Thanks to Rosie Kelly for that little touch.)

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Oak, maple, pine


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Artwork by Ginny Vaner Hay

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Handmade poured paper 1990’s, Artwork by Judy Melvin

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Artwork by Jeri Hobart, 2015

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Artwork by Jane Ewing. 2015

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Artwork by Pat West, 2015

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Artwork by Teri Andler

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Artwork by Tina Lee-Cronkhite, 2015

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Artwork, handmade paper and pressed Florida leaves by Judy Melvin, 2015

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