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Shaking it up!

The staff at the Kohl Children’s Museum of Greater Chicago get in on the fun using an incredibly delightful and easy method of recycling paper.

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Kohl staff shake it up!

The staff at the Kohl Children’s Museum of Greater Chicago are using a simple and incredibly fun method of recycling paper into.


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Children, parents, grandparents, caretakers, camps and school groups are making paper and sharing tree stories at the Kohl Children’s Museum of Greater Chicago.


Photos by Pamela Paulsrud

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Treewhispers is on the move!

The Kohl Children’s Museum of Greater Chicago is hosting Treewhispers June 15-August 13, 2017. Stop in at the Spotlight Studio to walk through the “forest” and share your personal story about trees. (You know—did you ever climb a tree, plant a tree or have a favorite tree? I’m convinced everyone has a connection to a tree.)

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Hidden secret

Farmer plants thousands of oak trees

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Deepest gratitude to Andrea Peterson and Don Widmer for providing handmade paper rounds on such short notice for the Treewhispers/Greenpeace booth at the NYC 2017 BookExpo/BookCon. Thank you both for helping to make this all happen. The interactive component allowed hundreds to express their stories and connection to trees while “growing the forest” and engaging with Greenpeace. Your collaboration with Treewhispers and tree lovers so greatly appreciated.
Thought you might be interested in knowing about Andrea’s fiber:
Organically grown Wheat straw – This fiber is from last year’s harvest of my son’s field. My son being 19 years of age has been studying natural growing methods for the last 5 years and soil building with cover crops and compost. He planted and harvested the straw with his 1940’s Ford tractor that he rebuilt for the last few years. He will tell you that we must not plan for next spring we must plan for the next 300 springs.
Garlic tops – This organically grown garlic planted when my 2nd son was 16 in the fall and harvested the next summer when he turned 17 has kept us healthy and strong. 2000 cloves were planted of 6 differ species. He is a strong advocate for healthy soil and nurtures luscious beds for the cloves. The garlic tops are from the 2016 harvest dried and are used for paper pulp.
Sisal – the twine that surrounds our bales of hay and straw are recycled into paper fiber.
Fennel and Giant Ragweed stalks from last year harvested in early April will be added to Cotton rag (recycled t-shirt material) to add a brown natural fleck.
Don’s fiber: daylily (which he gathered and cooked), recycled cotton blotters, and abaca.

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Making an impact on forests.

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