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Texas Council of Oaks

A note from Thomas Burns and the Council of Oaks:

A flurry of rumblings has been astir far and wide as the Trees whisper and spread the word of a gathering of Oaks. A small group of dedicated Oaks are at the core and are planning a great unveiling in the Fall of 2019. Willow Oak (Brenda), Northern White Oak (Betty), Shumard Red Oak (Belinda), Pin Oak (Rick), and Bur Oak (Thomas) make up this council of Oaks. Over the next year, they will be the pillars that guide and help you along the journey to the Treewhispers Exhibit. The council cannot do it alone and requires the assistance of all the Trees in the forest to pull off the grand display.

The Treewhisperer herself, Pamela Paulsrud, will be making the journey south to teach a workshop and partake in the festivities of the exhibit. She will be teaching October 19-20, 2019. The exhibit will be on display and a special reception is in the planning for when she’ll be here. 

Along with the Treewhisper exhibit itself there will be broadsides on display too. The theme is Nature and Trees. Begin your planning and creative experimentation for brand new creations to be unveiled at this exhibit. The venue is still under negotiation but will most likely be in the Frisco area. 

We are looking for avenues to engage the public either via schools or other groups to spread the knowledge of Trees and Lettering; if you have contacts in any other groups that would be interested please reach out to one of the Council.

Tree On!

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Stories were told


Photo by Pamela Paulsrud

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