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IMG_2444.jpgArtwork by Jo Ann Bunosky Buzulencia, Handmade paper by Don Widmer

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Pulp Thoughts

Blank space
my white paper
inkblots, like my thoughts.
Dotted lines-
a poem appears.
The paper, once a tree
held life and grew.
It was chopped down
and made into pulp.
The pulp dried
and I write down
thoughts hidden from view.

—Mary Bone

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by David Hummon
dear earth
teach us to stand
like trees—
offering shade
like the oak
on a summer day,
pointing to the sky
like the spruce
to lift the spirit,
touching leaves to the ground
like the willow
to connect when lost,
making risky moves
like the birch
when too complacent,
celebrating change
like the sugar maple
turning crazy yellow-orange,
dancing en pointe
like the coconut palm
to tender a glimpse of grace.

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Quercus alba


Artwork and handmade paper by Jonas Thaler, New Mexico

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Honoring the walnut tree

Many years ago there was a beautiful walnut tree within walking distance from home. One day the tree was cut down to clear the land for a new construction. I found a small piece of walnut burl on the empty lot and brought it home.

I always wanted to do something with the piece burl to honor the walnut tree. This past weekend I made fifteen pens from the burl. The walnut tree will now live on in the hands of fellow lettering artists.

The walnut burl EZ-A pens will soon be in transit to Texas and eventually arrive in Mexico.                                                                                                                            —Alan Ariail


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Kaligrafos update

The Kaligrafos Calligraphy Guild was at it again—making paper rounds for the upcoming fall exhibition.

Their report: All the rounds have moved into the garage to finish drying…. The Texas heat and baking sun didn’t get the job done (only in the 60’s today… Not the 102 July temps) so we made as many as we could with the pellon we had…. The count is 234 rounds, not too bad!

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