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I am the tree… there is no name for me … I am just the tree!
My ways are ancient … symbolic of the connections between earth and sky.
My roots grow deep into the soil; soil that is all that remains of my ancestors.
It is all that remains … of anyone’s ancestors … and I know them all.
For I walk barefoot in the soil; and the soil stores the remnants of every creature’s works.
You are the human … do your roots live among the ancestors … like mine?
Are you as dependent on … or even aware of … the wisdom of the soil or its long-term memory?

I am the tree … it is but a word to me … I am just the tree!
My leaves are held high … eager for the warmth of the sun and a gentle summer rains.
And I cast my shadows across the meadow … shade for those who would tend my roots and branches.
A family of Hawks has nested high in my crown …
That they may teach their young to soar with Grandfather Sky.
And I am honored for the air exchange we leafed beings … share … with those that have lungs.
May our needs remain in balance! May our days be many upon this earth!

I am the tree … no words, just a song for me … I am just the tree!
Listen for the whispers of my song … carried by the wind at your back.
There are many such songs in the forest, a different one for each and every physical thing.
Songs that reveal the secrets hidden in every leaf and rock.
Songs … like reference libraries … that share all secrets, great and small … worth knowing.
It is the universal language all things use to communicate, it is the only true language.
The language of vibrations … songs … still emanating from that very first day!

I am the tree … I am the song … I am the tree!

Ho Hecetu Welo!

contributed by Rob (Wind At His Back) Miller

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