Photo by Pamela Paulsrud


Photo by Pamela Paulsrud

Every year I anticipate the bark shedding from my 5 crepe myrtle trees. It’s rich in texture and color and I enjoy looking at it. 

When I picked up the bark, however, I felt sad about the current state in California, where again, the forests have burned, out of control, 3.5 million acres, the worst in the state’s history. 

Even though many trees can regrow, I felt empathy for their forced plight. I photographed the bark pieces and wrote a haiku verse with the 5-7-5 syllables: 

“Bark, once shed with grace

Now destroyed by fire’s blaze.

Rise again, beauties!”

Phawnda Moore Rocklin, CA

Dogs with backpacks

My Tree


Pamela Rodey, Flossmoor, IL USA

Little Brown Wren


Artwork by J Wimberly, 2019

Tree Hugging

We all could use a good hug about now! If you need a hug click HERE…

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Photo by Peg Jacobson



Magic Tree

When people visit us on Cape Cod, MA, we like to have them sit under the “Magic Tree”. The real name is “Weeping Beach” and it creates an awesome canopy.

There’s a rumor that the tree was given to Cape Cod by a British Administer for the support to England during the War of 1812.


Photo and story by Ruth Anne Catlette

Lightning scar

I have a tree story to share with you. I was out with my soon to be 6 grandson, we were looking at an old oak that was hit by lightning on Sunday. The tree has a line that runs from up high in the tree, down to the ground. Dominic gave the tree a hug while trying to say soothing things. We were walking away and he let go of my hand and ran back to give the tree a kiss on its lightning scar. Gives me hope.

P.S. (This) little guy is endearing. He has a thick mop of unruly black hair with a pale Irish complexion, a heart shaped face and bright red glasses.


—Jane Doherty


Handmade paper and artwork by Yuko Wada

Filtered light


Photo by Pamela Paulsrud


Artwork by Lauri Doctor



Photo by Pamela Paulsrud




Photo by Pamela Paulsrud



Photo by Pamela Paulsrud


Who knew? Many deciduous trees produce anthocyanins in their leaves not only in the autumn, but also in the young leaves in spring.



Handmade paper and story by Hailey Pennecke while in Mrs. Mills second grade class, Oceanside, NY


Hailey and her Grampa’s tree.





Creative support


Photo by Pamela Paulsrud


Handmade paper by Mrs. Mills second grade class, Oceanside, NY

Story by Ryans mom and dad, NY



Handmade paper, art and stories by Mrs. Mills second grade class, Oceanside, NY