The Wood Wide Web

Artwork by Marianne Nelson, Portland, OR

Thank you Suzanne for this beautiful invitation back to nature!

Swamp Oak

Photos by Pamela Paulsrud


Art and story by Phawnda Moore, Rocklin, CA 


Art (“Esperanza” 36×48″ Oil on Canvas) and story by Margaret Biggs

“Esperanza” was influenced by the Expressionistic Movement of Northern Europe.These artists set realism aside in order to better express their inner life, personal ideas, and emotions. 
In this new painting, the trees are sentient beings evoking the emotions of waiting, striving and hope. Together they gather, a community striving to live a life of service, no matter what their occupation may be.  

“All human wisdom is summed up in two words; wait and hope.” Alexandre Dumas
“Esperanza” is a girl’s name of Spanish origin meaning “hope, expectation”.


Artwork by Barbara Close

Artwork by Barbara Close

A glimpse

Photo by Pamela Paulsrud at the Kohl Children’s Museum, Glenview, IL

If you take your children or grandchildren to the Kohl Children’s Museum, on Main Street you’ll get a glimpse of the Treewhispers project and multiple contributions. Grateful for the outreach and opportunities they’ve provided.

I LOVED doing my “Exploring Calligraphic Lines Thru the Trees” Workshop. 

I enjoyed giving them a new project each week of different tree styles & techniques. They all picked their own wording to go with each design.

Students have sent fabulous feedback and are still posting – we have a FB group for them. So happy that it went well!! I would love to do it again for other groups in the future.  

I truly believe, we were all connected because of the subject – everyone had such a beautiful feeling for the trees and the energy they all brought to the class. I was blown away and truly amazed.

Artwork/Text by Barbara Close

Taxodium distichum

From the Chicago Botanic Garden Bonsai display

Bald Cypress; Estimated age 55-65Years; Style: Flat Top; Donor: Gary Marchal

Artwork by Marianne Nelson

A new path

I went on a bike ride with my two children by Lake Michigan in Lake County. We decided to try a new path which guided us to an isolated sandy and pebbled covered patch which had this enormous price of drift wood. The roots of the tree were a work of art. They entangled each other caught my eye, and within seconds myself and kids were exploring is unique shapes and how the tiny pebbles trickled down the roots making the most beautiful sounds.

Photos and story by Erika M Gray

Photo by Pamela Paulsrud

Chinese Proverb

Artwork by Thea Lynn Paul

Artwork by Garrett