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I looked up at a tree on the full moon one night, and just stared at the top of the tree for maybe ten minutes, the branches seemed to wave back and forth and transform, I then felt my stomach expand, and a cord of energy formed from my stomach to the tree and I suddenly felt a massive, but slow pulse beating through my body, I intuitively knew I was feeling the pulse of the trees life force and then a kind of voice boomed through my body and spoke the words love..peace..harmony..in to my mind. It was such a profound spiritual moment that I felt the desire to just fall to my knees and say a prayer of thanks, I just felt completely in awe..I had never experienced connecting with a tree before, and have tried many times since, but unable to do it again!

Written by Clare Brown, Fareham, Hampshire UK

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Artwork by Jeri Hobart, 2015

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Artwork by Tina Lee-Cronkhite, 2015

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It was a delight to celebrate my Uncle Ike’s 90th birthday in Hoisington, Kansas this summer. In his honor this beautiful little spruce tree was planted on the grounds of the Clara Barton Hospital which he has supported in so many ways throughout the years.  Happy Birthday Uncle Ike!

Trees and celebrations!

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Click on the link LYCEECHICAGO.ORG to see the students at work. Thanks Amanda Love for introducing the project, Andrea Peterson for your papermaking instruction, and all the students, teachers and helpers for participating. Great job and beautiful work!

The week of March 16-20, the Lycée hosted acclaimed papermaker Andrea Peterson to make paper with students grades 1-8 and several 10th grade visual art students. The first grade classes collected old jeans and t-shirts to make paper…

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IMG_2872Artwork and paper-making by student of Walter S. Christopher Elementary School, Chicago


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Photo by Sean O’Connell

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