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Three Exhibitions Continue…More Observations in Nature!

Three Exhibitions to Explore in One Place! The new exhibition “Tree Time + Silos” by artist Amanda Love presents a photographic documentation of the prehistoric and endangered species, The Metasequoia (or Dawn Redwoods) with a sneak peak at “Silos” an outdoor exhibition also inspired by the Dawn Redwoods coming this fall. “Treewhispers” displays a “forest” of handmade paper and artistic exploration honoring trees by Pamela Paulsrud and the late Marilyn Sward. “It Sounds Like Love” by artist Cadine Navarro creates a place of encounter with native Ohio prairie seeds.

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Delighted and honored to share the opening of Treewhispers at The Grange Insurance Audubon Center in the Nature x 4 Exhibition this past Thursday night—on view through Feb 26th.

Gratitude to Sandy Presosky Libertini and Leigh Ann Galarus Miller for the invitation to the exhibition, their papermaking ventures, and assists —as well as to Melissa Vogley Woods and Amanda Love for assistance in aerial installation optics.

The Nature x 4 Exhibition also features the “2022 Audubon Photography Awards”, “Feathered Portraits” photography exhibition by Donna Winters, and sound/meditation “It Sounds Like Love” by Cadine Navarro. It’s a wonderful collection of nature! Don’t miss it!

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Photo, story, and celebration by Amanda Love

The Dawn Redwood was thought to be extinct until 1940, when it was re-discovered in central China. The species was on the edge of extinction due to genetic bottlenecking, their isolation having weakened them near the point of collapse. When I think about that in relation to human life – we too suffer when isolated – I see clear parallels. These last pandemic years have clearly illustrated the crucial importance of community, engagement and diversity to our well being.  In the images, you see a genetically diverse plantation of the Metasequoia. They are reaching out, connecting, just like us humans. 

TREE TIME is a celebration of nature, community & the arts with Amanda Love.

Tree Time is a series of images of the Metasequoia (Dawn Redwood)  species taken over three years during the time I was artist in residence at The Dawes Arboretum. This species is prehistoric, its origin dating back 60 million years. That vast amount of time and history is something I have a hard time relating to human time. The history of this species has inspired me to create metaphors for human life and time.

Tree Time is a community art installation that will be on display in a multitude of public venues in Licking County, Ohio. The viewer will have an opportunity to  take the art home with them from the installation. Making art accessible to all ages.

One night only preview event, Tree Time.    

Friday, April 29, 2022  

from 7-9pm  

The Bank, 42 N. 3rd Street, Newark, OH 43055     

Nosh by Ghostwriter 

Beverages by Seek-No-Further Cidery  

 Following the event, Tree Time installation will be experienced  throughout many public locations in Licking County. 100% of proceeds from ticket sales and support will allow the project to be free for the community to enjoy at these locations. Business or personal donations valued at $500 or more will receive special recognition at the preview event and at each of the Tree Time Licking County locations. 

Thank you in advance for your support

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Click on the link LYCEECHICAGO.ORG to see the students at work. Thanks Amanda Love for introducing the project, Andrea Peterson for your papermaking instruction, and all the students, teachers and helpers for participating. Great job and beautiful work!

The week of March 16-20, the Lycée hosted acclaimed papermaker Andrea Peterson to make paper with students grades 1-8 and several 10th grade visual art students. The first grade classes collected old jeans and t-shirts to make paper…

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