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Artwork by Yuko Wada

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I was lucky enough to grow up on a big lake outside Battle Creek Michigan. Our house faced sunset and my dad and I enjoyed watching sunsets and changes in weather together.

One of the most beautiful things about living on Goguac Lake (an old Indian name), was the amazing tree cover. The whole area had beautiful tall, mature trees that had been there for a long, long, time. In the summer there when it was hot and steamy, as we drove up to the house the air temperature was at least ten degrees cooler up by the house, thanks to the trees. We were very aware of what a gift it was to live where we did under those big, beautiful trees.


Text and art by Kathy McCreedy, Michigan

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What a delightful surprise to find this beautiful (inside and out) package in my mailbox. Thank you, Tim, for gracing these handmade paper rounds with your creativity and style. They will be a wonderful addition to the Treewhispers “forest”!

Artwork by Timothy R. Botts, Illinois

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Artwork by Joyce Teta

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Lea Miller, Springfield, MO  USA

Lea Miller, Springfield, MO USA

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