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Texas Council of Oaks update

Summer Time was Play Time — Paper Round making

Texas has held up its bargain for another Summer scorcher! The heat didn’t stop not One, but Two Play Days from being held. The first was on June 9th in Irving. It was great to make paper inside and out of the heat, but the rounds weren’t drying as fast as they were being made so after lunch the group started moving the Pellon outside as we were running out of Pellon to make more rounds. The wind was not on our side so out came chairs to help weight the sheets of Pellon down and then some of the rounds started to lift off and blow away. Needless to say the afternoon was challenging and HOT but the gang made 162 rounds! Big Thanks to … Robert and Isela, Betty, Autumn, Brenda, Sherry, and Belinda

Then came Part Duex…..

More was learned from the June session and applied to the July session. However, there was no cool air to be had while making the rounds this time as Thomas failed to air condition his garage! As quickly as the rounds filled the Pellon, the sheets were immediately moved to the blistering, sun-soaked driveway. This time tulle  was used to lay over the sheets to prevent the wind from having its way. More Pellon was purchased but none of the new stuff was touched as the rounds dried in record time in the baking sun. The rounds were peeled off and the Pellon put back to use. The shortage this time was towels! Yes, you need a boat load of towels. The dryer was running and the soaked towels were draped over the vehicles in a glorious mis-mash. 

The team broke for a pot luck lunch with brats, dogs, and sausage smoked up on the Big Green Egg with homemade potato salad, Jello salad, guacamole, chips, fruit, and chocolate cake from scratch including ice cream!

After lunch, paper making commenced but at a slightly slower rate as the full bellies and July heat were catching up to all of us. The team was challenged to break the tally of 162 in June and go for 200! That number was CRUSHED….

272 rounds were produced on July 14th

HUGE Thank you to: Tatyana and AnnaSophia, Belinda, Trish, Jeri, Robert and Isela, Brenda, and Rick

There’s no paper making in August…..just ran out of time. But, there will be a date in September. The day hasn’t been set yet, so be on the lookout for an email.

Now it’s time to decorate as well….

Willow Oak (Brenda) is in charge of the round distribution for decorating. Please seek her out to get your rounds. Four rounds can be taken at a time. Please bring your rounds back the next month and then get four more. It’s going to take the entire forest to get them all decorated!

 Story and photos by Texas Council of Oaks

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