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IMG_3861.jpgPhoto by Pamela Paulsrud


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Day two installation with skilled technicians sensitive to the work!

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Photo by Pamela Paulsrud

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IMG_0860Photo by Pamela Paulsrud


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And now for that message from Amy…

Hi, I am a CT-based mixed media artist, performer and survivor myself. I
was truly touched reading about your organization and would love to
become involved in some way. Trees have always been my friends,
healers, source of grounding and strength.

I have a pretty complicated story, but have survived a coma and nearly thirty surgeries by staying true to my passion – creativity and the arts. My artwork is an expression of what I have been through, and also a joyful celebration of life.

Trees are more than a symbol to me – they are a support and way of
life. Much of my art involves trees and my “Singing Tree” – one of my
most popular works was created at one of my darkest times after a
disastrous surgery. I have attached a few pictures of my tree
paintings, but I have hundreds more – a few that you can also find on
my website http://www.amyoes.com

I would love to be a part of your organization by either donating my
art, volunteering, or any way that I can give back to my community and
to nature. I’d love for you to learn more about my journey and my current work at my website (under the “artist” section) at http://www.amyoes.com.

Thank you so much!


Amy Oestreicher

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What a wonderful site. I’d love to share some of my art with you, based on trees.

“Flaming Trees” is done in pastel over watercolor, and is about 34″ x 28″.

The print is done with acrylic paint, using a leaf as the printmaking vehicle. It has two panels. The overall size is 18″ x 14″. The title is “Fall Leaves”.

“River in Fall” is done with Conte pencils. The size is 14″ x 11″. The scene is from a place in New Jersey, and I liked the fall-colored trees, reflected on the water. I thought Conte pencils would give just the right amount of softness to the scene.

“Trees” is done with poured acrylic paint on watercolor paper. The size is 28″ x 36″. It’s one of my favorites. I thinned out each of the three primary colors, using water only, and began pouring, twisting the paper as each color was added.

I’m always photographing trees, also. The last image is from a series of photos I took of my neighbor’s tree. Couldn’t resist that white bark against the deep blue sky, with the few remaining leaves attached to the branches, so I ran inside and grabbed my camera.


Treena Rowan

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