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I went on a bike ride with my two children by Lake Michigan in Lake County. We decided to try a new path which guided us to an isolated sandy and pebbled covered patch which had this enormous price of drift wood. The roots of the tree were a work of art. They entangled each other caught my eye, and within seconds myself and kids were exploring is unique shapes and how the tiny pebbles trickled down the roots making the most beautiful sounds.

Photos and story by Erika M Gray

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We’ve been seeing this tree on our walks, waiting for the colors to catch up to each other. Didn’t happen. Finally, it dawned on us that maybe this is the way it should be, top different than the rest.

In some very brief “internet searching”, it seems it has something to do with the tree’s roots. . . 

Phawnda Moor,Rocklin, CA

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