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from Martha Slavin’s Postcards in the Air

Watercolor sketch of the Italian countryside

When we cleaned out our attic last week, I rediscovered my art portfolios from long ago including an unopened package from my parents that to my disbelief contained examples of my school years work from kindergarten to college that my dad had saved. Like father, like daughter. I had to laugh at this generational inclination to record our histories. I had done the same thing for our son.

Early drawing of trees

These old drawings intrigued me because I noticed a stream of subjects that held my interest from one year to the next. I drew dozens of trees, many women in fashionable outfits, and figures from weddings. In high school and college, I filled large newsprint pads with drawings of models in every position imaginable. I created a zillion graphic designs as well.

Tree Studies in 2021

I have been amazed at the quantity of work, which as I leafed through the stacks of paper, helped me to see my progression from awkwardness to confidence as an artist. If only we all had such similar detailed information to look back on for signs of our growth in other areas of our life, we could say to ourselves, “Good enough.”

Leaf studies

I thought of my mantra: “practice, practice, practice,” and realized I had done just that. Now my question is: what do I keep?

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In anticipation and celebration of the upcoming 2023 exhibition at Audubon, I’m combing the archives to honor the commensalistic relationship of birds and trees. Here’s another l chance to enjoy Martha Slavin‘s lovely post, pondering, curiosity, and exploration of nature complete with a multitude of links for further information. Grateful for the connection, Martha!


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