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Points of view

Photos by Pamela Paulsrud


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Tree of Knowledge

adamnew copy

Artwork by Debbie Wilson

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CLLIG4 copy

Art by Gerry Jackson Kerdok

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Voices of the trees

My tree story.
Living on the central Oregon Coast in the Pacific Northwest affords great opportunity for walking in the woods among huge old growth trees. I marvel at their beauty and feel a presence even from the giant stumps left over from logging a century ago. I walk with my dog several times a week on secluded forest trails behind my house. It’s quiet in the solitude save for the voices of the trees who seem to speak volumes.

Christie Burns Treewhispers IMG_7317
Art, story and handmade paper by Christie Burns

Handmade paper with Douglas Fir needle inclusions, walnut ink, gouache, and gold foil dots.

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Snowy Pt. Townsend, Washington

We just returned from snowy Pt. Townsend, Washington, where the trees were dressed in snow.

Photos by Phawnda Moore

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Photo by Pamela Paulsrud

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Mockups with tree branches

Marijo and I have discussed for years what the design of the railing screen should look like. I did mockups with tree branches from the land to catalog design iron pieces that could be assembled into various configurations.

This is the design that finally won. It is framed in cherry wood from the land to match the cabinet, baseboard, door jams, and trim in the house.

It was cut from 3/16 carbon steel with water jet on which I sprayed a dark maroon color.

EMAIL Small_JPG_Leaf_Railing_2019
Stained glass transom and cabinets by Jack Carney and the marvelous painting by Erin Carney Griffin.

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