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Grateful to @Andrew van der Merwe for sharing this stunning film. Kodama! Grateful for their ancient rhythms and wisdom.

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Plein Air

On an afternoon hike in the forest preserve I was delighted to meet plein air artist, Leslie Riley.

Her love of nature, trees and the beauty around her was celebrated in her watercolors she so generously shared with me. So nice to meet you, Leslie. Always happy to know another tree ambassador!

Photos by Pamela Paulsrud

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Story by Gregg “Tree” Rollins

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Book and Literary Arts Afternoon organized by Artist Book House at Evanstonmade provided one of many opportunities to engage with the artists and the art at 921 Church Street, Evanston, IL.

Evanstonmade will continue to host events through Dec. 19. Join the fun!

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Hosted by Evanstonmade and sponsored by Artist Book House, Treewhispers along with a multitude of artists, creatives and visionaries illuminate the space at 921 Church St., Evanston, IL .

Lisa Degliantoni, Founder and Executive Director of Evanstonmade along with her Co-Directors Kathy Halper and Liz Cramer, launched the massive transformation of a former Urban Outfitters building into an energetic artist exchange and vibrant community outreach at seemingly a moment’s notice in early November. Now knowing the “trio of force” I understand their unparalleled dedication and drive, and the possibilities they employ.  

Thanks to the sponsorship and eager assist by ABH Board Member, Jamie Thome the “growing of the forest” took shape in a timely manner. Janice Kiska, Cori Paulsrud and Michael Sweirz also gratefully stepped in for the final touches.

Installing and seeing the work in a new venue never ceases to amaze and delight me. On the handmade paper rounds I see the stories and art of those who shared them 20 years ago reverberate with those bound together only a week prior. These all feel like friends to me—friends bound with a common interest, passion and love for trees.

Enjoy the Treewhispers installation and a multitude of happenings until December 19, 2021.


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