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Artist, papermaker and educator Fritz Huber in Wilmington, NC shared Treewhispers with students at Dreams of Wilmington. Here’s her report and some wonderful additions to the ever-growing forest:
I made it a semester-long focus on trees at Dreams Center for Arts Education. We are an after school, and homeschool program dedicated to underserved youth. Everyone had a tree story, although some were shy getting that story out. We live along the Cape Fear, and brackish water alters our landscape, our trees, regularly. What felt best about following the path of tree observation was that the kids became more aware of trees in their personal environment on a daily basis.





Thank you for this opportunity! Sorry there weren’t more of these but the kids like them so much, that they insisted on keeping a lot of them. The one with the little tent is mine as an example of what could be done. Fritzi Huber 

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What a delightful surprise to find this beautiful (inside and out) package in my mailbox. Thank you, Tim, for gracing these handmade paper rounds with your creativity and style. They will be a wonderful addition to the Treewhispers “forest”!

Artwork by Timothy R. Botts, Illinois

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As a long time fan and subscriber to the publication UPPERCASE, I was delighted to learn that they have most recently partnered with TreeEra, a Calgary-based company that helps “individuals and businesses reduce their carbon footprint and combat the effects of climate change by community-funding the planting of trees.”

While UPPERCASE paper projects are already using 100% recycled paper they realized something more could be done and now for every new subscription or renewal received in 2018, a tree will be planted!

TreeEra’s 2018 planting will take place north of Kamloops, BC, Canada as well as in South Dakota, USA. If you’d like to take this idea further, TreeEra offers their own monthly “tree subscriptions”—find out more here.

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Do take some time to check out this upcoming documentary! 

TELEMMGLPICT000148564410_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqWW6kqU3jk_tH9JNFZQh2aIKAmDQryBNFcY0MViVHQ9c-1.jpgJudi Dench listens to water rising through the bark of an oak tree  CREDIT:  GARY MOYES

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Frosty morn

IMG_6925Photo by Pamela Paulsrud

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IMG_6845Photo by Pamela Paulsrud

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No enhancement needed


Photo by Pamela Paulsrud

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